What is GameNyte?

GameNyte is a digital platform for social games unlike any other in the world! A big claim, how so? Well, the platform contains games that are all designed to be played by people that are together in the same room. Like tabletop games. It works by connecting different devices together to form a shared game (a shared user interface for the design savvy). Imagine playing a card game with four people using four phones and a tablet. In this case, each person’s phone shows their card hand and can be kept hidden from the other players. The tablet then is the shared area onto which the cards are played. Wait, isn’t that just like any other card game app? Nope! In an ordinary multiplayer game app, all players have the shared playing area on their own phone. In a similar vein other players are usually only present to you in terms of what they do in the virtual space. This is necessary when you play alone, but it is not ideal when playing as a group. By contrast, the setup I described above is designed to let you talk about, point to, be surprised by and interact with shared elements, for instance the tablet in the middle of the table. Other players’ voices, gestures, facial expressions, glances and postures are as much a part of the game as their input to a device. This is another type of experience that is only possible when we are physically together. As tabletop gamers will know.

Why don’t you call GameNyte a digital board game platform then?

Actually - and to us this is one of the most exciting things about GameNyte - since we develop digital games, there are design possibilities that are not possible in physical games (the opposite is also true of course!). So a big focus of ours is to create games that are designed specifically for this kind of platform. Such as our first game Totally Human.

How does GameNyte work?

All players need to have the GameNyte platform app installed on their phone. The platform contains a library of games, with more games being added all the time. You find the game you want to play and then one of the phones hosts the game. The other phones/devices connect by scanning a QR code. Then you start the game and have fun together!