We were at Essen SPIEL ’21!

Wow, we had a blast at SPIEL ’21 and have been quite overwhelmed by the positive response.

Mind you, we are a new business who have just made its first sales, so we can’t get our hands down 🥳

Okay, let’s start with the most important part first: People really enjoyed playing our first game, Totally Human. Many were surprised that playing on digital devices could feel so similar to playing physical games, “to me, this is like playing a board game” an excited visitor said. That warms our hearts, minds and bodies that have worked for three years to provide an experience where the social and the digital are not mutually exclusive, but reinforce each other. We’ve tinkered with this so many hours in our office, so it’s awesome to see it working IRL. Kudos once again to the merits of Kasper Lapp who made Totally Human which is great for presenting the platform: “Hey do you want a quick demo of a cooperative game? It’s just five to ten minutes.” was a sentence often heard at our stand. And they did! There was a big audience for cooperative games. Having it demoed in 5-10 minutes, when there was so much to see, was even better.

It’s also been very interesting to see how different types of players use the game. First off, it’s a game about communication. So when one player doesn’t say anything, they’re not going to do well in this game. When a couple were game over, the guy smiled and with a faint hint of a therapeutic insight, he said to his partner “we need to communicate more”. So they did and made it to level 3 on hard 😎

But the most engaged groups we’ve had, have been teenagers, who have rocked! After getting the hang of it they crank up the challenge to play on ultra mode (very very fast, completely unforgiving). And restart over and over to really see how far they can get. All power to Team Crazy Pepperonies, Masters of Alien Disguise!

And I gave my first interview, to Bo from the Danish site Papskubber, yay! That was fun :) Nicolaj was interviewed by Badass online TV(!) as well.

Wild and good times at Essen, lots of nice people, lots of fun conversations, lots of beautiful game designs in the other booths.

Game on together,

Karl and the GameNyte Team

Playing Totally Human