We’re going to Essen!

We’re headed for Essen with an early version of our platform and the game Totally Human.

It is both exhilarating and frightening. Are we ready to show what we’ve been working on? Is it polished enough? Will people like it? We think so, even if a tabletop festival could be a hard venue for a digital game company. Why do we think so? Mainly because of Totally Human, a game that perfectly showcases what our platform is all about - having fun enabled by being together. Just like physical games. The game is designed by the brilliant Danish game designer Kasper Lapp with artwork by our talented illustrator Ning who has made the game come to live in a zany way.

If you’re at Essen, come by our booth at 2A218 and try it for yourself. Each day at 4 pm, we host our grand Totally Human Masters of Disguise Tournament - Great fun, great prices! ;-)

If you’re somewhere else, you’ll be able to play it on release in mid December. You can sign up to be notified about the GameNyte Platform here. Be an early sign up and we will give you some FREE STUFF upon release!

Ooooor if you just sense that what we’re creating is great (even if you don’t have proof yet) and want to go ahead and support us, our new webshop has discounts on awesome starter packs. We won’t hold you back.

Here is an image of the banner for our booth that we just sent for print. It’s 9 x 2,5 meters and we hope it turns out well image text

Essen Banner

Our ally: Mikkel Mainz!

We’re being joined at Essen by the inspirational Mikkel Mainz that is bringing a brand new board game set in his Tales of Alethrion Universe. I tested it a couple of times in the summer and I can’t wait to see the published version. The game is a distilled epic journey where you go from controlling a single wanna-be hero to a band of kick-ass legendary beings. And you then face off against the other players in a nerve-wrecking final battle for the fate of the Alethrion-verse. It was funded on Kickstarter, you can read more about it here. Wait, why are you guys in the same booth? Well, the second game on the platform is a Tales of Alethrion game! More info coming soon :)

If you haven’t already, check out the addictive, artistic and anarchistic - and animated! - Tales of Alethrion series here.

Game on together,

Karl and the GameNyte Team.